“Oh yes, by the grass-green one-legged Amphiprion!” cries Leonie suddenly from one of the back corners of the ship’s hold. “Unbelievable! My great grandmother’s old pirate dress—her very-very first pirate dress! It was my great- grandmother’s lucky dress, and everyone thought it was lost!”

The friends come together. “Wow, that’s really beautiful,” exclaims Ilvie.

“And what’s this here?” Slowly, she rubs her fingers over a very faded imprint on the front of the dress.

“That’s a picture of her eye patch!” says Leonie mysteriously. “When great-grandmother Grace wasn’t at sea, fighting in the sun or below deck, and she didn’t want to wear her real eye patch, then she wore this dress. My great-grandmother was very beautiful and also very delicately built. Without her ship and her troop, you never could have guessed just how strong she was. When she walked through the city everyone—including thieves and rogues and everyone else—could see right away from her dress: I’d better leave this woman alone, for she’s a strong captain and would surely defeat me. And that was definitely true.”

Leonie grins. “Great-grandmother Grace was convinced that this dress brought her luck in everything she did. That’s why she wore it as often as possible, and she had a lot of luck in her life.”