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Thank you, Ella, for experiencing the story with me from the very beginning, for giggling with me about Theo, for always asking about everything, for throwing out a ‘Nobody will understand that!’ every so often, and for calling every nameless kitten either Ilvie or Theo :)  ...You’re the most wonderful niece in the world!

Thank you to the fantastic, little, funny, wise, and courageous actors! It was so much fun to experience the story with you! Thank you to Louise/Ilvie, Lina/Leoni, Jeanelle/Amelie, Ibrahim/Carlos, Sammy/Sammy! Thank you to Norbert Horvath for the outstanding dog training and the beautiful drawing on Carlos’s shirt! Thank you to the wonderful Ellen Keola Fritz of Keolas Models Kids Düsseldorf for her fantastic support! Thank you also to Stephanie Wolff for the support and the fun making-of photos.

Thank you also to the wonderful Michaela Studeny (, who conjured our Theo as he is. Thank you, dear Evi Fill, for the beautiful ILVIE LITTLE lettering and the superb drawings of Theo!

Thank you to the great adult actors, Sophie/Ella, Hanna/Pecunia Sicarius, and Marco/Caligula Sicarius.

Thank you to Roman Saravia and Klaus Fekesa of Friendly Fire/3D Concept House for this wonderful boat house, into which we’d all like to move.

Thank you to Roman Keller of malkasten for the nice color grading.

Thank you to the best editor in the world—Pia Praska—who gave the story its form, kept filing away at formulations and asking about things ... tireless and wonderful. Thank you, dear Sonja Franzke of Without your good-natured structure and discipline, the project would still be in its infancy! Thank you, dear Christine Fischer, for the incredibly beautiful graphic design, for all the night shifts, and your cheerful mood and good nature despite them.

Thank you to our translator, Linda Gaus, who invented such a beautiful language for the English edition. Thank you to Miriam Neidhardt, Linda’s agent.

Thank you to Renate Gruber of CupCakes Wien for the design of Theo’s favorite food, the—mmmh—beautiful and delicious-tasting strawberry cupcakes. Thank you for all the borrowed deco parts and for your support. Thank you to Claudia Diwisch for the many hours of painting the boats in our atelier, building rooms, and gilding skulls—without you, the Anastasia could never have been so beautiful. Thank you to Martin Kempf for your sailing advice when rigging the Anastasia (“How do you rig a boat with gaff tackle ...?” :))

Thank you Lia Carrier-Thabaret for the cool styling, and thank you to Angelika Königseder for the same during shooting in Vienna. Thank you to the designer IMAATU for the loan of Ella’s beautiful dress.

Thank you to Anu Despan, for finding Elena Botan for us after intensive research, and thank you to Elena Botan for the production of our super-great clothes.

Thank you to Ingrid Lengauer and Monika Kramreiter for the tax advice. Thank you to Nina Steinmayr for the legal advice.

Thank you to Robert Zeilinger of for making all of the beautiful cacti available.


Thank you, dear Polina Maltseva, for believing in the project from the beginning and giving us courage and supporting us. Thank you to Nastia Maltseva for the grandiose fulfillment of all the difficult missions. Thank you, Klaus, for all your input, your patience with me, your constant encouragement, and your support. Thank you, Herta and Jakob! Thank you, dear parents, for exemplifying and teaching us to be like the girls in this book. Independent, courageous, free, and strong. And that there's no such thing as "girls’ things” and “boys’ things.”


“What great luck to have such a fantastic crew on this beautiful ship!”




Susanne Stemmer has wild curls and a magical eye. She comes from a city in the middle of the Austrian mountains and has been underway in the world with her camera for a long time. She likes fish, sparkles, and strong girls. On one of her trips, she met Ilvie and decided to write her story down. During writing, the exciting adventures came to live all at once in many colorful collages. 

... and Susanne herself is also very courageous and she knows how important good friends are.