We produce children's books that celebrate GIRL POWER and DIVERSITY. 


There are some very interesting studies by media researchers and large newspapers about the distribution of the sexes in children’s books and films. (e. g: Maya Götz: Die Fernsehheld(innen) der Mädchen und Jungen, kopaed - Süddeutsche Zeitung: Rosa Bücher, Blaue Bücher).

Shockingly, they all say about the same thing: Male heroes are courageous and free, they command pirate ships, find treasures...and discover the world. Female heroes are good, nice, caring, and well-groomed - and usually their adventures end at the fence around the pony corral. If they are lucky and don’t get stuck at home or have to be rescued by princes... - and this has just bothered me for a long time.

For how are we supposed to achieve true equality if we continue to plant such clichés in our children's heads. Boys are like this - girls are like that?


We invented Ilvie Little. A very special female heroine, who’s courageous, independent, and free. And of course this is obvious without our having to go on about it.


…we started our mission in summer 2019. We did not propose the story to any publishing company, as we did not want it to be changed in any way - we wanted to publish the pure, the real story.

…and so we took the harder road…

And here we are: our little publishing company still is one of the smallest in the yard, sometimes it's like in the big storm in Volume 1, but when the going gets tough, we just take our supergirl masks out of the pockets in our pullovers - and we know that we'll make it. :)

...and we have more and more little fans, girls and boys - we're so happy about this!